A Dai in De Wife ob a Gweatpup

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A Dai in De Wife ob a Gweatpup

Post by Guest on Fri May 14, 2010 7:50 pm

Meez day starts at Oh-dark-firty. Momme and Auntie gets eberone up to go pottie & for brekast. Meez gits ef firstes cuase meez is de mos impotent pup. What MoM? ohhh sorry! Meez gits firs es to keeps me quiet. Meez eats in meez crat--- um office where I duz impotent biznez. Anyhow, we all eat de out for pottie, dat takes a wot of tyme wif siz pups. Den we start our day. first we empti de toi boxes, we hab free ob dem full to de top, den we watch Mommee pick dem all up to wacume, den we plai wit more toiz, and den we watch Mommee pick up de toiz. Den meez and Fwash try to pull de weggies offin a fe stuffies, ans we watch Mommee pick up de peeces. By den itz wunch time and meez goes in meez cra um office. After wunch meez goes out to potty and den meez comes in and gets "good boiz" ( meez finks de are dog biscuits). Mommee is trin to ween meez out of de office but meez hab a catastrophe yeserday. Meez hdda go potti and meez mommee didnt see me go to de door ans meez had an accident. well, meez ended up back in meez cra , I mean office for a while. Momme finks of all kinda waz to keep me contrained in de sun room. He putted a scratch post inna doorway wif a hardboard box to keep mee inna sunrrom. I let her fink dat it wuld keep me in but when her wents to da bedroom I just hopped over de bwockade and followd her.

tonight at dinner we had Pissa bones, only de wer no bones in dem. Auntied gab me one and I chewed an shewed chewd and da more Iz chew did bigger it wuld get. Finnally Iz swallowed it. den autie gabe me more and I got de idea. Meez also gotted up on de big sopa todaze wif meez Mommee and Auntie. People are sur funni, de both made so much noiz ober de sopa fing dat I wa embarased. tonight I heard dem say de might tri me outta de crate wif de muzzle on.....dey don knoe meez is Houdini and can get it off,SHHHHHHh don tell!

Oreo (da pup whoz almost dried out from b ein soggy, not de cooki fing)


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