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OWROO - New discoberys

Post by Guest on Mon May 17, 2010 10:21 pm

Hi Folks,
Did yuz ko dat a greytpup can beez a plorer? Meez bruder Flash showed meez how to clilmbed up on de sofa but meez bak weggies jus dinna wanna combed wif meez front weggies, So, meez pullbed wif meez front ones and up meez wented. man, meez hab discobered heben on erf. And meez lernd how to git into Mommee room by pushin de gate wif meez nos an it fwips out and in iz goes. Meez cwimed up onna bed wif Mommee and tok a nappies dis aftrnoon. Momme habs to lif meez offa it cause meez wanit tos staz it waz so nice. Tommooroow meez habs meez nex fwim lessom. Guess Wot?? Meez is runnin laps nows, meez was fraid bafore but meez weegies don hurtz so meez ben doin laps. Momme fussez wif me cause hers fraid meez might gits hurt but meezwaz smilin de hole time. More tommoorooow from de soggi greyt pup!

Oreo Webster Roo (da greytpup not de cookie fing, dri for now)


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