Meez Sibings are Sick

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Meez Sibings are Sick

Post by Guest on Thu May 20, 2010 1:24 pm

Meez is not a happy gweatpup. Our house is berry quiet today. Chessy and Fwash hab a cold or sumfin, Mags frew up all ober de nu car pet (meez neber seen anione pet it but dat is wot de calls it) and meez Mommee habs been cweanin alla da mornin wigf da noize sucky fing. Den herz tooked meez outsid and woulndt eben frow da squirl finggy fore meez. Man, dis pwace iznt much fun todai. Eben da shdoe iz just lazin round da soba and wen meez drp de rackycoon on him him jus gibbed meez dat look---youall noi da one----so meez waid down onna car pet in de sunroom. mablee morrow wilz bees mor fun. What Mom?? Oh sorry gotta runz, meez Mommee is takin meez out to pway in da yaard wif my baddog toi!
Oreo, aka OWROO (da greytpup not da cooki fing hoose berry happee now)

Meez pose to go tos da fwim pool morrow:::Sigh:::::


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