Oreo Webster - de skye iz fallin on Meez hed

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Oreo Webster - de skye iz fallin on Meez hed

Post by Guest on Mon May 24, 2010 10:32 pm

Meez waz outside todai and meez fought de skye waz fallin and it landed on meez hed! Sere meez waz mindin meez own biznes ans wham! somfin felled on meez hed but gues wot? it waznt de skye at all. itz waz a babe birdy musta felled outa de next in sum tre. Meez beed brabe an meez hairz stooded up on meez nek and when meez looked for meez Mommeez he was bent ober in half. meez waz torn tween seeinz if Mommeez waz albright ans chekin out de birdy. meez niffed and niffed de birdy an den guess wot? se Mommee birdy cambed and pecked meez on meez hed. meez finks hers ungrateable cause meez was tecting hers babe birdy. wen meez mommee cud standed ups herz gotted a pail and helpped dat babee birdy inta de busshez in de yard. meez waz cerned dat mommee had hurtes herzelf when meez ceen dat wet stuf runnin al ober herz faces. peeples ar sur funne, herz waz grinnin but dat wet stuf waz still fallin outa her iz. her tolded aunti dat meez waz all pufed up lik a samy dog (whateber dat iz) meez sure is lernin fings at meez new hous. nex fing meez needz is a hard hat fer de yard.

Oreo ( da not quite smooth fured greyt pup, not dat cookie fing hoo be lookin fer a hard hat with ear holes)


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Re: Oreo Webster - de skye iz fallin on Meez hed

Post by Greys4Us on Mon May 24, 2010 10:55 pm

Oh, my! What an adventure! I second the hard hat! Laughing I'm sure we can find one at Dewey!

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