Boy! Meez Mommee tokkded ober at de pool

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Boy! Meez Mommee tokkded ober at de pool

Post by Guest on Wed May 26, 2010 8:24 am

wast nite meez habd nudder fwim wesson. meez waz doin prety good till meez gotted water in meez ere. den dis udder wady camed out and wen mommee an meez fwim koach waz helpin meez bak inna pool, dis wady pikted meez up inna aire and flopped meez inna water. Wel,,meez momme grewed bout sebenty leben foots big and sed a few ob dose werds us puppers not pose to no or sez.den meez mommee saw meez footi waz bweddin again frum wast wek and Boy! herz snached dat rope outta de wadys hand and herz tooked meez roun da pool herself. when meez was done, mommee washed meez off and wookes at meez foot, den her talked to sum man and tol him sumfin bout meez vet and den herz made him carray meez ouit to da van. De man waz poligizin but mommee waz so mad dat her toled him he needed to get "trains to help us pups" (now meez is not sur meez wantz a train in da pool wif meez but guess momee knowz best) Momme also tolded de man dat she would be meez fwim koach until meez waz finnedished. Den momme cwosed de car door and talked sum more but dat man dina seem berry happy by de time meez momee gotted back inna car. De man twied to gibed mommee somfin wit de word "Pass" on it and her tolded him he should usem to jump in de poll himself, Now wudna dat wook funni, a man fwimmin wif a dogge west and arope fingy hooked to him? Meez was bery tird and took a big nappie wen wez gotted home. ::Ywan: nudder day in da wife of de Oreo.
Oreo, (da greyt pup not da cookie fing)


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