The Love of a Greyhound Pup

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The Love of a Greyhound Pup

Post by Guest on Fri May 28, 2010 12:43 pm

Loving a greyhound pup is easy, all you have to do is breathe. Staying in love eith a greyhound pup is a little more difficult. None of them are perfect (but don't tell them that). They are, after all, babies sort of.

Our Misty Blu was love at first sight and her time with us was so brief that sometimes I felt I had dreamed the whole nightmare. She was the perfect pup from beginning to end. Even when she did a bad thing, it was done with such innocence that you could not be angry at her. When we lost her at six months my heart was ripped out.

My Tigger Roo was easy to love at first, then he became a monster. For the first few years of his life, he thought his true name was "Tiggerroodammitdog" because that was repeated at least a million times. he was quite the character but that was what made him so "special". The thireteen years I spent with Tigger seemed like an enternity and yet there were not enough of them to satisfy my heart.

CheeRios, his name says it all! If you don't understand that, look at his picture. He was a bright star from the moment his little face popped onto my computer. I had adopted him without seeing him. When i saw his pictures, my heart leaped with gladness and joy! He was personality plus, dynamite, a four legged kissing machine, and a tasmainan devil all rolled into one striped package. Who could not love that? No one that ever met him stood a chance at not losing their heart to him. He was a lightening bolt that flashed into our lives, lit up our world, and suddenly left us sitting in darkness and despair. We were too shocked to feel anything but the raw pain of the hole left in our hearts from his loss.

Webster (his name is prophetic). "Oreo" Webster Roo! His image appeared to me in an e mail and I could not breathe. He physically took my breath away. funny, that is the same reaction Hettie and Anne both had to the same picture. It took me exactly three seconds to decide that he was coming to live with me. He was a very different puppy. He didn't charge around the house, he didn't run all over the yard searching for unknown enemies. He just was. He calcualted everything he did. He showed great respect for the other dogs. He would almost asked permission to enter their space. He was not grabby with toys, nor was he food driven and try to take the others food. He watched and waited. He has learned taht toys are great fun and plays most of the time he is not sleeping. He now loved his yard time, still supervised by mom. He does run now at times, he fast but we do not let him run full out because of his hip. He comes close sometimes though. He has learned his potty manners most of the time. When he makes a mistake, it is usually HuMom error. He has begun to shoe his personality now. He has begun to get into mischief, nothing bad. He did however unroll Aunties toilet paper like he saw the puppy on "TB" do the other day and almost made it into the sunroom with it still attached to the holder. Has anyone noticed that I did not say "I fell madly in love with him"? The truth is that it has been slowly sneaking up on me. I liked him a lot, loved was too strong a word. He was enertaining, funny, intersting but love? Ummmm, I guess my heart was dragging it's strings along alowly this time, or so I thought. theother night when OreO was choking and I thought I could lose him, the realization came through very clear. I DO LOVE HIM DEARLY!! Oh, the "Webster" being prophetic, it suits him, he is a very astute pup. He instinctively knew (or maybe he had someone whisper in his ear) that I still had a few raw spots in my heart. He went very carefully calulating each step he took, being careful not to disturb other pawprints that had come before. Where CheeRios charged in scraping all the scabs off wounds thought long ago healed, Oreo has added soothing salve to each footprint he has encountered. Taking care not to dislodge any pain left behind yet at the same time, gently placing his footprint on top, hoping to meld them and make them one. I look forward to each day with Oreo. Yes, I still think of the other pups but now when the thoughts come, there is no bleeding from my heart. All of this has happened from the Love of a Greyhound Pup!


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