Oreo visits de Bet for a weggie checkup

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Oreo visits de Bet for a weggie checkup

Post by Guest on Sat May 29, 2010 5:43 pm

Meez wented to de bet todai and Guess Wot??? De habs de wong rekord, de habs a Oreo Coleman dat libs in ristertwn dat iz a kitte. Can yu bleb dat de gurl at da desc fout meez waz a kitte? Meez bet fot dat waz funnee.Meez gotted meez flu shotz and meez weggie cheked. Da bet sez meez weggie is stronger and dat meez shud keep wimmin and mayb goes twice a week. WHAT?????Mommee don youz wisten to dat bet man, once is nuf a week. Meez don need anymor waterlogged den meez iz alreby. Meez gotted frid frenches frum donalds cauz meez waz so gud. Maggaie goted her nailz cutted and a shot also. hez waz so nerbous and den when her foutted it waz ok de tooked her inna back and cutted ner nailz. Den when herz cum bak, de gab her a shot inna neck. Weez dona go bak for free weeks now for nudder chek up on meez weggies.

Oreo (da greytpu not dat cooki fing)


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