The Great OW Roo Party

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The Great OW Roo Party

Post by Guest on Mon May 31, 2010 7:53 pm

Meez was al cited bout dis birf day fing. Well weez had diner and outties and meez waited and waited. Just wen meez fout nofin waz gonna hapen, meez mommee & auntie began to screech and howl! Alla de pups began to roo(ceptin Jetta Sue whoz is a bit.. um bwat) and meez sang long, den meez relized, de waz sing to meez! Weez had Frosty Paws (not paws at all more like cups of cold stuff) and biskies. Meez dinna get a new stuffie cause Fwash is in hims terible toos and pulz alla de stuffi outside but meez gotz wots of pets an lub. Meez caryd roun meez paws cup til momee sez it waz not de present wot insid waz. Weez got too mor birfdays dis week, Fwash is too morrow and Chessie is seben on wensdy, so weez me be haben wots of Frosty Paws and biskits dis week!

Oreo (da gweat pup not dat cooki fing)


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