OREO ROO - The Great Protector

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OREO ROO - The Great Protector

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:14 pm

OREO has been fulfilling his duties as a "Land Shark" with great zest over the past year. As Oreo matures his outer "puppy self" disapears as his body turns into a true greyhound. His nose has sprug into that long muzzled manificent snout that Greyhounds are famous for. His puppy feet have grown to the size of luncheon plates and it is my fervent hope that his body does not grow to fit them. He still has that slim dog look but is beginning to fill out in all the proper places. His backbone is still visible but it does not scream at you when you look at him. I am saying all this because he has become a truly magestic, magnificent Greyhound.........EXCEPT..........when he barks.

Oreo, not only has an unusual life story but I often wonder what type of animals he was exposed to during his tender formative years. When O start to bark he has a somewhat respectable, deep sounding Woof. That is where it ends........after his first deep Woof, his voice ascends to an octave that can only be heard by supersonic things in space! We have even had people stop and look around behind themselves to see where this screachy, pitiful sound is coming from. Surely it cannot be coming from that huge Greyhound standing there. There must be a herd of tiny yappy ankle warriors somewhere near by. O gives one or two deep woofs and then sounds like a cat with its tail being twisted in a wringer washing machine. I am actually embarassed when he barks at people walking past the yard. I hide insde behind the window blinds peeking out an hope they do not know he belongs to me! I cannot explain the horrible the sound he makes. And to add insult to injury, when the pups have their sing - a-long every once in a while, Oreo has the highest, loudest Soprano voice in the group. Oreo loves to sing, Everytime Autily Anne sings a song, Oreo must join in with his High "C" tones to entertain everyone but me. His voice is so high and loud that Jetta Sue must have her ears covered by someones hands or she charges at him trying to make the ear splitting sound stop!

I am really emarassed about this and am looking for ways to deepen his voice....the obvious thing that would have given him a deeper voice when he matured was removed before he came to me so I am looking for suggestions on how to deepen the "O" Man's voice. We have Shadow with his bass voice, Flash with his Tenor voice, why even little Bitzie has a deeper voice then Oreo.........Am I doomed to spen the rest of my life hiding behind the window shades and never being able to take Oreo out for fear he will break into song in public?

One thing is sure, if we ever have a robber and Oreo barks at them, they will be caught easily becasue they will be the ones rolling on the floor, tears streaming outta their eyes from laughter.


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