DRAT Kat Uppy date

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DRAT Kat Uppy date

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:07 pm

Meez iz no happy clamper! GUESS WOTT???? Now de Mommie an de Auntilys iz brungin dat drat kat downstairs to bisit uz pupz ebery daze. No onlee dat but wen meez finaly gotted upstars to xamin de nu compartment dat meez fowlks iz mobed inta, dat frat kat waz eben updere stillz. Himz eben foloed meez roun whilst meez waz chekin out eberyfing. Bentially, dat drat kat iz posed to be abl twoz go eberywere inna hous. Meez finks meez needs to liez down and wonder bout dis plan..itz no a good one fer uz pupz. Anna on top ob dat, dey habs anudder kitty updere nambed Pipa. Herz is urange and herz do not wike meez atta all. Herz stan on tippy toes and fuffs up realz big and sembles a tiger on TB. Meez isna sur ifin meez wilt be gonin upstars berry ofen ifen dat udder kat is gonna lib dere alla tim.

Duz anily one want a wittle usedup greyt pup? Meez iz jus chekin to see bout meez options.

OREO dat greyt, but not too hapy, pup.


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