Memories Bitterswrrt and heartwarming

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Memories Bitterswrrt and heartwarming

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:39 pm

,While watching our current foster dog blossom and spread her wings, it took me back to a time when thigs were a little more difficult. Our darling pup Cheerios was to be the answer to my long felt heartache. Never try to force fates hand, it usually ends in tragic results. When Rios arrived, my heart just felt about to burst with joy. Whi would have ever believed that within just a few weeks, months, Rios would be gone? His time with us was brief but each moment is etched in indeliable pawprints on our hearts, If I had it to do over, I would once again jump in with my whole heart and repeat the process. Even knowing the pain and heartache that awaited me. Watching OREO and our other pack memebers work out the details of where our visitor fits, it took me back to the time of Rios. He worked so hard while he was here to make his spot in our home. He stole Aunties blankies to cover himself while she napped with him on the sofa, he stole slippers, grabbed fleecies from the kidz and was a little pest, Yet in a nano second he could curl up and his halo (even if slightly askewe) would glow with heavenly light. I always have believed that all Greyt hounds that come into our lives make way for the next one to grace our lives. Rios touched so many people in his short life either physically or emotionally with his tragic story. Yet, while sort and tragic, his life began a journey that will contnue to touch lives forever.

Thank you My dear Rios, Taco Boy, for bringing me all the marvelous greythounds that have followed in your pawprints. Each one has been magnificent and had a part of you so indelibly stamped on the that noone can deny they were sent by you. Our time together was much too short but we lived a lifetime while you were here.

Love you my Baby Boy,



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