J (Jaay he wants to be called this) Sioux has first M&G

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J (Jaay he wants to be called this) Sioux has first M&G

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:43 am

Yesterday Jaay had his first outing at the Dogs & Co monthly M&G. He was such a good boy! He was a little uncertain but he did lie down on Cassies bed and stayed there for quite a while. Interesting, "J" and Cooch came down on the same hauler and were at Hetties for a wile together and "J: seemed to remember him and take comfort in the fact that he was there. when Marge & Tom arrived, J jumped up and ran over the girls (safety in numbers) and attached himself to Cassie. He did not go up and great people unless they had a greyhound attached to them but he did shy away either. Mostly he would just lie on Cassie's bed and look pitiful. Marge got down on the floor and sat on the bed with him and hr snuggled himself up against her. (Do you think maybe this is MO to get pets?) He is a sweet, sweet boy and nearly everyone that came in had to pet him. There seemedto be no change except he was exhausted last night. this morning I was met with waggy tail and sniffs. He even came over after breakfast for a few pets on his own. Small leaps forward but we will take them all. When I talked to Hetttie before he came here, she told me that when she looked at him she just wanted to go over and hud him tight. I now understand that. Sometimes he looks so sad that you want to make him feel better. Auntily reports that the three teenagers were paling around this morning playing with toys and walking the circle throughout the house. that is more movement forward for J and I think taking him out for a M&G helped him understand that he will always be coming home. It is hard to believe that J is not yet two and still a puppy in many ways. I am sure that this is only the beginning of the stories to come.
In fact our first Land Shark report is that J likes bright shiny jewelry. He had Auntily's earrings that were in a neat black velvet box on the TV stand. Plus he likes crossword puzzles papers, recycled cardboard out of the bin, and has learned how to pull the stuffing out of toys with small holes in them. so, I beleive we will have another Land shark to write about!


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Re: J (Jaay he wants to be called this) Sioux has first M&G

Post by Greys4Us on Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:47 am

He really was wonderful at the meet and greet yesterday! For a young boy he is so good!!! He certainly was a hit with everyone who came in. He is such a sweet boy and I'm so glad he landed in such a great home!!

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